How Can Data Decay Be Prevented?

What is Data Decay?

Data decay is the deterioration of the data until it is no longer readable. It usually happens in the sales and marketing data of the businesses if they are using databases that are outdated, incomplete, or invalid. There can be some other possible reasons for data decay as well. Such as:

  • Inaccurate data
  • Outdated data
  • Aged data
  • Data from an unreliable source

How to prevent data decay?

Data decay can be prevented in several ways. The most useful ways to fight data decay are:

Engage with your Customers

Different marketers can keep their data safe from decaying by keeping engaged with their potential customers and targeted audience. Different companies use CRM software by Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM Manchester for their businesses and through this software, they can easily get connected with their customers through different channels. By staying connected with your customers, you can keep your data up to date and you can also collect additional information about your customers.

Clean your data Once a Week

Practising cleaning up of your database means having routine maintenance. By doing so, you can get accuracy in your existing data. For this clean-up, you can ask your customers directly to update their information by notifying them about their incomplete profile and you can engage your customers to customise their account in the email centre. This can ensure you the activeness and accuracy of the email accounts.

Get your data Verified

Before adding the data to your database, conduct a proper verification process. This will protect against unnecessary decay in the future. You can verify the data before inputting it into your system, through different forums. Such as call centres, web forms, or salespeople.

Personalise your communication

Personalisation increases customer engagement as customers always crave personalization. Through this communication, you can gather the data about your customers, keep it updated and safe from decay. Also, you can use it for your future marketing plans.

Keep the record of unengaged contacts

The contacts, who never open your email or don’t click. Once in a while, send an email to your database and remind them who you are. In this way, ask them to update their email preferences. If they still don’t respond, delete their contacts. You will stay clean from a messy database filled with unengaging contacts and keep your important data safe.

How data decay can spoil your small business?

Over time, the different business opens, different closes, many businesses merge and the contacts and information move around. These reasons can cause data decay that can have a bad impact on your business. Data decay can lead to a massive amount of time being wasted. As you are providing outdated data, it will result in a poor customer experience which can impact future sales. The big effect of data decay will be on time that you will take in finding the error and then correcting it.

Data decay can cost you high. Also, it can affect your business in the wrong way. To keep your data safe and away from decaying, stay engaged, and invest in solutions to keep the data secure and up to date.

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