A Complete Guide to UK Number Plates Law

Number plates are analogous to identity cards. People have identity cards to confirm or verify their identity in different legal processes, and the number plates also do the same for the cars and their owners. Be it the ordinary number plates or the 3D legal number plates, laws govern how number plates should be designed. 

What Has Law to Do with Number Plates?

In the early 20th century, when UK began to introduce a special set of rules for recognizing a car if it was involved in an accident or crime. It was important because the owner of the motor vehicle was on the surge. Risks hovered upon London that cars might as well be misused, so to keep a check and evaluation system, an identification mark was given to car in the form of a license plate. 

Since then it has been termed important to follow governmental guidelines else you will face some legal action, fines and other serious consequences. 

What is The Law for UK License Plates?

The set of rules for the number plates should be religiously followed to save yourself from any legal repercussions. the important things to remember are; the format, font size, size of the plate, and any other additional designs, and the legality of 3d number plates.

We will first discuss the;


In the UK, the pattern is such that a number plate should have two letters. These two letters show the first registration region of your car. It is followed by two numbers that determine the date the registration was done. It might not be direct all the time; sometimes, it is derived from a complex code. After this combination, the numbers are followed by three letters again. These three letters are randomly picked. 

Font Size 

A standard size that is currently ruling is 79mm in height. Keeping in mind that after 2001, a new law was introduced which has suggested the mention size as the legal one. Any car registered prior to this law accepts the 89mm height of the font. The width of the characters need to be 14 mm with 1 and I being exceptions to the rules. Mostly Charles Wright font is used. 

A spacing of 11mm between each character and 33 mm between the components as in the regional numbers, letters, and randomly picked numerals, is specified. The marginalization of the license is supposed to be 11mm from all sides. 

The front plate should have black font colour on a white backdrop. Whereas the plat set at the back of the car should have black characters against a yellow alignment. 

Moreover, if you want to put symbols like flag or the name of your country, you can do that as well provided that you make the letters capital. All of these things would define the size of your number plate. 

What about 3d Number Plates?

As long as you follow the legal formalities, there is going to be no hurdle for you to personalize your vehicle’s number plate into a 3d one. These days, technology has even introduced us to the 4d ones. The font colour as well as the surface being reflective remain the same as for ordinary number plates. Reflective surfaces are required so that they are easily navigated and viewed.


As long as you fulfil the given criteria you would be abiding by the law. Any shortcoming in this criterion could crash you into a lot of legal possibilities. You can be taxed heavily. Therefore, it is better to work on your motor’s license plate and have yourself secured.