How Many Different Types of Fireworks are there?

How Many Different Types of Fireworks are There?

There are various types of fireworks. 

Roman Candles

A Roman candle is the type of firework which is filled with shooting balls that comes out of the end of the tube, as this paper tube is filled with a composition of shooting stars. You know Roman candle fireworks consist of at least five or up to 20 balls, and one must avoid handling them with bare hands. They should be pointed upwards in the sky, and for safety, purposes avoid hosting in crowded areas. 

When roman candles are shot-off, they come in the form of colourful light balls and sometimes crackle or even explode. 


Firecrackers are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, as they are the most demanded and popular fireworks which are commercially accessible in contemporary times. The Ladyfingers, M-80 and Black Cats are some of the most used firecrackers. 


Fountains are cone-shaped devices, accessible in many local stores easily. Initially, they release a lot of sparks all around the device as they sit on the ground before setting off. They are less threatening when it comes to other fireworks, hence safer than many.

Ground Spinners

Ground spinners are best for children, who shoot off some fireworks on the ground; they also mostly demand fireworks due to their design. They spin on the ground with lightning speed, spreading sparkles as they spin-off; they are true to their names. Blooming flowers, jumping jacks are some of its other versions. 


Parachutes are designed to operate in a floating firework; they are less popular due to their boring and dull nature. 

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are mostly known to release the smoke after they are set off. There are two types of smoke bombs in the market till date—Colourised smoke balls and the cylindrical smoke bombs, respectively. Colourised smoke bombs are more popular due to the release of the coloured smoke when they are hosted. You can get various types of colours accessible for this smoke bomb, covering the place. While the latter forms the thick smoke when they are shot. 

The Willow

Willow is lit up, leaving behind a significantly longer trail of particles and smoke, just like the canopy of a willow tree, its bright stars that originate. Moreover, the willow, another type of firework, actually shares a striking resemblance to the tree as well, as the lanky branches which we see in its actual tree. 


Sparkler is the type of firework that commonly gives out the golden sparks when it is light-up; this firework is the small stick in which all is contained. Make sure that you hold them far off your body and clothes, or else the sparks might get to your clothes and burn them. Sparklers are safe and could be hosted in hand, unlike other fireworks. 

Final Thoughts

Get yourself the ideal firework you want for celebrating your eventful day!